Writing for the Web

Hello there aspiring content writers, this is Haneef from team pixel1920, today I’m going to tell you about writing for the web. I’ll help you from being a content writer to a good web copywriter. Just good, to be great it depends on the efforts you keep. 😉

Come closer to the screen

Let’s divide this topic into 3 major questions!

1. Who is this for?

For better copywriting, you must understand who are your audience. Let’s take an example of a health benefits section of a website. Your target audience is the ones who consider health as their top priority & the people who want a better healthy lifestyle. So, how do you write for them? Do you want to confuse them with all the complicated medical terms or do you want them to fear the hell out of themselves on how bad their health routine is? No! Right? So, what can you do?

  1. Write as if you are explaining to a child. Writing the content in simple terms makes the reader understand it better and quicker. Writing in this style will also increase the traffic to your website.
  2. Make it Friendly. You must go easy on your readers. Make your copywriting engaging. Be concise about what you write. Let it be “simple and short” (It ain’t need to be sweet, duh).

2. What do they want?

What does your audience need is the biggest question you must answer yourself while writing. If you don’t get the right answer at least near to it, you are going to fail! (Not in an exam, but getting more traction for your website). What can you do? Here is the answer to what.

  1. Make yourself the reader. This is the best & the most common answer content writer suggests for better content writing. Step into the shoes of the reader and think of what you want to read. Considering the example of the health benefits section of a website. What do you want to read in the blog? About health right? What if there is a block where which reads out, “We are the best-refined oil brand in the world, we have the best oil products. We are from… so on & so forth”. Isn’t this stupid? You are here to read about how the oil benefits the reader not what & where is the company from!

#Rule1 Be Relatable

Always be relatable with the content you write. It makes the reader comfortable and helps him/her/others to stay focused.

2. The above point is enough 😛

3. What do you want?

Finally coming to you, as a web copywriter what do you want?

From a business perspective, we need different things such as

  1. Website Traffic. (getting more audience to your website)
  2. User Engagement. (getting the audience to feel your web content & converting them to a lead).
  3. Increasing your writing skills. (Become proficient in content writing & copywriting).

Top 10 Points to sum up.

  1. Write Simply.
  2. Avoid “marketingese”.
  3. Use Keywords.
  4. Use Headings.
  5. Chunk up the content.
  6. Highlight the necessary.
  7. Use the “Inverted Pyramid” technique. (Important matter first).
  8. Use proper case. (Headings and subheadings).
  9. Make Links Identifiable.
  10. Gather Inspiration. (Content Curation).

Thank you guys,

Yours Truly,
Haneef Ahmed.




I'm a bit creative. Design & Color. Huge Hollywood Lover. An INFJ.

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Haneef Ahmed

Haneef Ahmed

I'm a bit creative. Design & Color. Huge Hollywood Lover. An INFJ.

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